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Ontario passes Great Lakes Protection Act

Ontario passed the Great Lakes Protection Act which will strengthen the province’s ability to keep the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River clean, as well as to protect and restore the waterways that flow into them.

Don’t invite bears to the cottage

Source: The MTO Bearwise Website Most problems between black bears and humans occur when bears are attracted by the smell of and rewarded with an easy meal. When bears pick up a scent with their keen noses, they will investigate it – even at your cottage property. If bears are rewarded with feasts of bird […]

Honey Harbour looking at $4.7 million facelift

From the Parry Sound North Star By Paige Phillips GEORGIAN BAY TWP. – Township officials will consider a multi-million-dollar development for the Honey Harbour waterfront next month. Since March of 2014, the Township of Georgian Bay has been working to develop a two-acre waterfront plan that will enhance the natural beauty of Georgian Bay Islands […]

‘Jellification’ in Muskoka, Haliburton may affect fish

Ministry of the Environment, researchers find increases in tapioca-like Holopedium that will likely leave fish in lakes vulnerable By Kate Allen Acid rain has left Ontario with a slimy legacy: the “jellification” of lakes in Muskoka, Haliburton and probably beyond as aquatic ecosystems become increasingly dominated by a tapioca-like critter impervious to changing water […]

On the Water with Love Your Lake Staff

by Glenda Clayton Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve The Muskoka Watershed Council and Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve have partnered this summer to offer the “Love Your Lake” program in the Honey Harbour area. This program was developed by the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds and the Canadian Wildlife Federation. A major aspect of the Love your Lake program […]

Love our Georgian Bay

by Glenda Clayton Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve Living on the shoreline of Georgian Bay has incredible benefits—it’s a great place to relax, swim, boat, fish and play! Shorelines are also one of the most unique places on earth and people can have a huge impact on this delicate interface between land and water. To help protect […]

Remember When…

Enjoy our collection of historic photos.

The History of Beausoleil Island

The Honey Harbour Historical Society is planning to write a book on the history of Beausoleil Island. They are beginning the huge task of collecting the pictures, stories and artifacts that will be the basis for the book about this very special place. They are asking residents, permanent and seasonal, as well as people who […]

Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere reserves are internationally recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve is one of over 500 UNESCO biosphere reserves throughout the world and currently one of only 15 in Canada.The eastern coast of Georgian Bay is also known as the “30,000 Islands” and is considered the world’s largest […]

Welcome to Honey Harbour, Ontario

Honey Harbour is a beautiful paradise found at the southern end of Georgian Bay. It is surrounded by sparkling blue water, and dotted with islands and channels for exploring by boat. If you can’t be in Honey Harbour, this website is the next best thing. Browse through the photo gallery and see what you are […]